Xeikon invests in contact-free CyClean web cleaning systems from Meech


Meech CyClean on a Xeikon line
Meech CyClean on a Xeikon line
Xeikon, a leading manufacturer of roll-based digital printing lines with headquarters in Eede, The Netherlands, has optimised its digital printing systems with contact-free CyClean web cleaning systems from the British provider Meech International. The CyClean web cleaner, which is – according to the supplier – ideally suited for high-speed printing lines and almost every material, is intended to guarantee perfectly printed webs at the Xeikon 3050 and Xeikon 3500 machines that are used for producing wallpapers and folding cartons.

“As the quality of the final products is examined in detail, we have to make sure that our machines can print without flaws,” explains Filip Weymans, marketing director for the unit labels and packaging at Xeikon. “For this reason, we see the introduction of an automated solution that guarantees the cleanliness of the web and lowers the maintenance costs, as a great opportunity to optimise our offering.”

CyClean is a compact, contact-free, double-sided blow and vacuum system, which uses a filter unit to eliminate contaminations. It can clean webs of up to 3m in width and removes contaminations as small as 0.5µm. Thanks to its low space requirements, it can be installed in narrow rooms. When the web is unwound from the roll, it runs through the web cleaner before entering the digital printing unit. An integrated electrostatic discharging bar at both the entrance and the exit of the cleaning head is reported to guarantee a proper, long lasting cleaning result.