Two new Bandera Geo FutureFilm lines in the USA


Geomembranes are an important market for Bandera (photo: Bandera)
Geomembranes are an important market for Bandera (photo: Bandera)

The global demand for lines dedicated to the production of geomembrane systems for the waterproofing industry is constantly increasing. The extrusion machinery experts at Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera SpA (Busto Arsizio, Italy) have now further increased their presence in this sector as a leading supplier.

This year, a new customer in the United States decided to rely on the Bandera brand to set up a big project in the production of smooth and texturised geomembrane for the water resources management industries.

The American group decided to purchase, in a single package, two twin lines of the Geo FutureFilm series to produce geomembrane up to 8m, mainly for applications in the oil industry and in environmental conservation. The reasons that led the customer to choose Bandera are in particular innovation and after-sale technical service.

Bandera’s commitment was not limited only to the sale of the lines, but involved a training course for the American personnel in charge of the start-up, the management and the maintenance of the lines. In the middle of November 2018, two technical delegates of the group have visited Bandera’s THOE The House of Extrusion for a whole week, in order to be trained on the lines in the test room. A Bandera team of qualified engineers and sales managers was available to the American guests, in order to equip them with the necessary know-how and familiarity with the purchased lines, looking into all the aspects related to the processes and to the various line components.