Three years of BST eltromat International


Employees of BST eltromat International at a recent sales meeting (photo: BST eltromat International)
Employees of BST eltromat International at a recent sales meeting (photo: BST eltromat International)

In June 2017, BST eltromat International GmbH (Bielefeld, Germany) has celebrated the three-year anniversary of the merger of the former BST International GmbH and eltromat GmbH. “The merger has made BST eltromat a global market leader in the fields of quality assurance and automation in web-guided production processes,” observes Kristian Jünke, managing director for sales and service at BST eltromat International. “No matter where in the world our customers are based, if they are facing complex issues related to our products, they can rely on experienced local contacts to provide comprehensive long-term support. This support extends from consulting and system selection to installation, set-up, and service issues.”

Thanks to its global presence, especially in geographical terms, BST eltromat is distinguished by a great proximity to its customers. The company has eleven subsidiaries working at the local level – six of which have their own production facilities. The newest subsidiary – BST eltromat South East Asia Co., Ltd., in Bangkok, Thailand – was established just one and a half years ago. More than 50 representatives around the world support the BST eltromat sales team, offering further points of contact for customers. The number of installations is also worth noting: BST eltromat systems are currently used by more than 10 000 customers in over 100 countries.

“Since the merger, we’ve been working hard on defining our strengths and fostering new possibilities. At our international sales meeting in Wiesbaden at the beginning of May, attended by over 70 employees from around the world, we started seeing the first concrete signs of a distinct corporate culture and identity,” explains Dr Gunter Tautorus, managing director for HR and finance at BST eltromat. “As a globally positioned team that has built itself up with a clear purpose, our corporate successes and new projects have set us on a good track for the future.”

For Dr Carsten Kipp, managing director for technology at BST eltromat, the merger of BST and eltromat was a logical step in response to market requirements for companies’ innovative strength. “With increasingly shorter innovation cycles for new products, today’s manufacturers have to be able to cope with substantial advance payments and quickly generate high product volumes through their international sales right after bringing a product to market.” The challenges that came with Industry 4.0 also demanded strategic partnership between major customers and system manufacturers.