Steinbach AG manufactures seamless seals in XXL format


The new XXL-Rotocure at Steinbach (photo: Steinbach AG)
The new XXL-Rotocure at Steinbach (photo: Steinbach AG)

Steinbach AG from Detmold, Germany, enters new dimensions. With its new vulcanisation line Rotcure D320, it produces seamless seals up to 3m in diameter for its customers.

In automotive and aviation, as well as in machinery, energy and electronics, seals and stamped parts from different elastomers are omnipresent. Depending on the industrial demands, the right material mixture has to be identified. Here, one was to consider environmental conditions such as temperature, ozone and UV radiation, as well as weather and media resistance against, for instance, oils or acids. Once the ideal material has been defined, the lines from the industrial service provider from Detmold are able to cut fitting parts from large elastomer plates. Important industrial customers require large-format seals today, for example in the offshore field, in plant installation, or even in aircraft construction. However, many seals and stamped parts were limited to a width of 1.6m due to the maximum available width of the starting material. Thus, larger parts could only be manufactured with joining seams.

For more than 90 years, Steinbach focuses on its customers’ demands with its production. Therefore, it was obvious to search for ways of producing seamless seals. With the new investment in an XXL-Rotocure, customers from Germany and Europe can now be even better served. The enhancement of its product portfolio is expected to secure growth and competitiveness for the innovative medium-sized company. Rotocure processes different elastomers that were made in Germany up to a width of 3.2m and a material strength of 0.5 to 6mm. This opens up the possibility of producing large seals and stamped parts without seam. Thus, Steinbach AG can now offer seals in diameters up to 3m, also thanks to in-house water jet systems. There will be no more bothersome seams thanks to this new technology. Therefore, the products from Steinbach are also suitable for the offshore and refinery sectors. The high investment costs will pay off thanks to the improvements in productivity.