RHEINTACHO’s “Black Box” – The measurement of infinite light


The RT STROBE pocketLED family (photo: RHEINTACHO)
The RT STROBE pocketLED family (photo: RHEINTACHO)

The final assembly of the stroboscopes at RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH (Freiburg, Germany) is probably unique worldwide. Thanks to this system, the luminous intensity of the RHEINTACHO stroboscopes is measured and displayed graphically.

From the outside, one sees an inconspicuous, purpose-built square “box”, which, however, is equipped with elaborate and intelligent technology inside. It is all about measuring the luminous intensity of super-short flashes. These flashes can be up to 5 µs short. In this short time, the special xenon light units then reach a brightness in the mega lux range.

With such a light concentration, no usable results can be achieved with the usual methods of brightness measurement. Especially with large, stationary stroboscopes this problem arises. That is why the stroboscope specialists in the RHEINTACHO development department have set about solving this issue themselves.

Each RHEINTACHO stroboscope gets approved only after being examined by this test device. An individual test report is created. The determined data is stored in the test software. Some portable models come with such a test certificate automatically.

The “black box” has already fulfilled an important task at this point in time: With the aid of this system, the modules responsible for luminous efficacy and light distribution can be designed and selected much faster, more precisely and based on objective measurement data. For example, the reflectors for the XENON stroboscopes were optimised in this way. For LED stroboscopes, the measuring station provides important data for the selection and arrangement of the LEDs and also for the design of the lens.