RHEINTACHO calculates without wear when it comes to its rotational speed measuring devices


A predecessor of the mechanical handheld tachometer htm (photo: RHEINTACHO)
A predecessor of the mechanical handheld tachometer htm (photo: RHEINTACHO)

Products age and wear; many of which stop working today right after the guarantee period ends, either planned or due to careless development – something which is very annoying for users. RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH (Freiburg, Germany), on the other hand, promises its customers a long, functional life. The archive of the measuring instrument manufacturer goes back to 1922 and documents cases in which rotational speed measuring devices have been running continuously for many decades. For example, a customer in Thailand has been using a tachometer in a coating machine since 1975.

“Obsolescence is on everyone's lips, but not an issue for us. All our products have an extremely long service life, even under extreme conditions,” confirms Jörn Strasser, branch manager at RHEINTACHO. In the development of products, no value is attached to the fact that the device breaks down after the warranty has expired and a new purchase has to be made.

The company concentrates on an integrated strategic approach instead of a short-term monetary one. RHEINTACHO develops devices which are far in excess of standard requirements, as satisfied customers are in focus and often return with other topics. “This leads to little repeat business, but develops loyal customers and a good reputation,” says Strasser. For successful and long-term relationships, RHEINTACHO works closely together with customers, partners and suppliers.