RHEINTACHO Group announces turnover record in 2017


Products from RHEINTACHO's portfolio (photo: RHEINTACHO)
Products from RHEINTACHO's portfolio (photo: RHEINTACHO)

After an already very good year in 2016, both RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH in Freiburg, Germany, and its subsidiary RHEINTACHO UK in Leeds increased sales by over 25% in 2017.

Several large contracts and many new sensor developments have made it possible to master the increasingly difficult international sensor market with great success and also allow the company a very positive view of the future. Exciting new developments include two sensor series that offer more than conventional speed measurement. The M8 series also integrates temperature measurement. The ABZ series can not only measure the speed, but also the direction of rotation and position. These additional features offer users not only technical but also cost advantages. Further developments in this area are about to go on sale. Both innovations will soon be presented at the CeMAT trade fair in Hanover.

A spectacular function can be viewed in a new version of the hand stroboscope RT STROBE pocketLED in Hanover: The Auto-Sync function using a laser beam and a sophisticated signal receiving system.

The subsidiary RT UK specialises in the production of mechanical and electrical instruments and tachometers. Based on more than 110 years of experience of the German parent company and its own tradition with over 200 years of experience (formerly Foundrometers Instrumentation and Hardings of Leeds), this company is also expected to successfully steer into the future.

RHEINTACHO UK specialises in the development of ATEX products. These are often used in areas where an explosive atmosphere is created due to dust particles or gases. As the new ATEX competence centre within the RHEINTACHO Group, RT UK is currently developing ATEX versions of some proven and established products.