Price increase on film and paper solutions

11.10.2021 Loparex (Cary, North Carolina), a leading global producer of release liners and engineered films, is increasing prices on all products shipped to its customers on or after 15 October 2021. These increases will range from 10% to 15%, depending on the region and as allowed by contract.

Loparex is a leading global manufacturer of release liners.
© Photo: Loparex
Loparex is a leading global manufacturer of release liners.

The adjustments reflect the significant inflation Loparex continues to encounter across its value chain, which has impacted labour costs, freight, packaging, energy, and raw material prices at the company’s manufacturing sites worldwide.

High inflationary forces

“Like all our customers and suppliers, Loparex has been working to align its product pricing as closely as possible with expected input costs,” said Steve Triano, VP of sales Americas at Loparex. “However, we are being confronted by generationally high and broad inflationary forces that have only further accelerated in recent months.”

“Inflation impacts are evident in everyday consumer buying, and equally clearly in the manufacturing business-to-business pricing we are seeing from our suppliers,” added Friederike Sladek, VP of sales & technical service Europe. “Under these circumstances, pricing action is required to support our continued strong efforts to offer reliable customer supply.”

Minimising potential disruptions

Loparex announced that it will remain in close communication with suppliers and customers regarding further price adjustments, and is committed to providing clear, timely updates that minimise potential disruptions and uncertainty for the company’s partners. Existing Loparex customers are encouraged to contact their local sales representative for more information.