Lacquer savings – optimised performance with Zecher’s SteppedHex


Zecher's SteppedHex gravure has proven itself at M&E (photo: Zecher)
Zecher's SteppedHex gravure has proven itself at M&E (photo: Zecher)

The family-owned company Meinders & Elstermann (M&E Druckhaus) from Belm, Germany, boasts more than 130 years of experience in the printing and publishing industry. Together with Meinders & Elstermann, Zecher GmbH (Paderborn, Germany) and Dortschy GmbH & Co. KG (Bielefeld, Germany) carried out a test on the topic of lacquer consumption and potential savings.

For this test, the standard engraving for matt lacquer was compared to the Zecher SteppedHex engraving. After every 20 000 sheets, only the roller was replaced. With all other process parameters left unchanged, a 15% lower lacquer consumption was observed with the SteppedHex engraving.

The print shop manager Höcker-Gödecker from M&E summed up the positive results as follows: "The test showed that with the roller from Zecher, compared to the 10cm³ roller, over a production of 20 000 sheets, we used significantly less lacquer. The saving was 15%, without changing any of the following processes: Same drying times before cutting/folding and no changed abrasion resistance."

From an economic point of view, this technology is a viable alternative to the standard 10cm³ rollers used so far, as with considerably less varnish consumption the same good results are achieved. The customer’s requirements and high expectations were more than met with the SteppedHex engraving.