KROENERT’s LabCo can be tested in India now


The LabCo from KROENERT (photo: KROENERT)
The LabCo from KROENERT (photo: KROENERT)

KROENERT GmbH & Co KG (Hamburg, Germany), a global leader in the manufacture of customised coating and laminating systems, delivered a multifunctional coating system for research- and test purposes to the Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings (MICC) in Mumbai, India – a dedicated space for rapid prototyping of new innovative packaging structures. The LabCo coating system is designed as two head coating line that can be used for different coating and laminating applications with convection drying and UV curing. One of the key applications is the functionalisation of polymer films for the packaging industry. Together with the Michelman product solutions this KROENERT line can be used for coating tests and product developments.

The modular design of the system allows a very flexible handling. In addition to gravure and smooth roller applications for direct and indirect mode it can also be used for reverse and forward coating processes. Moreover, the substrates can either be coated on one side or simultaneously on both sides. Due to this multifunctional use many new trends and developments of the packaging film market can be realised.

Since 2010 KROENERT has been offering the LabCo line, which is especially suitable for product development and therefore reduces the capacity utilisation of the production lines. This test coater can ideally be used for laboratory, research and development operations, because it achieves scalable results, which can be transferred directly to systems such as RECO.

“We are very happy that our LabCo coating machine is the centrepiece of the new development centre of Michelman. With this cooperation we are very close to our Indian customers and we drive the development of the diverse and demanding packaging market there,” says Andrea Glawe, regional sales director Asia-Pacific at KROENERT.