KIEFEL regroups its packaging activities


Kiefel's packaging management, from left.: Jakob von Wolff, Erik Hodenpijl, Erwin Wabnig (photo: Kiefel)
Kiefel's packaging management, from left.: Jakob von Wolff, Erik Hodenpijl, Erwin Wabnig (photo: Kiefel)

Following several acquisitions and steep organic growth in recent years, KIEFEL GmbH, the Germany-based specialist for plastic film material processing machines, is announcing organisational changes in its packaging activities. The aim is to ensure a strong customer focus in the rigid plastic packaging market and to take full advantage of upcoming market opportunities.

Kiefel will group all its packaging activities into one KIEFEL Packaging Division. This includes the activities in Freilassing (Germany) as well as the recently acquired Mould & Matic (Austria) and Bosch-Sprang (The Netherlands). This new KIEFEL Packaging Division will operate with four specialised teams. Each team will follow a clear market and technology approach:

The Tray-Team will operate out of Freilassing and will concentrate on the steel-rule technology as base for tray-type products. For this technology, it will enlarge its competence and product-range, covering not only machines but also product development, automation and tools.

The Cup-Team will operate out of Micheldorf and will focus on the tilting-/trim-in-place technology utilised to produce cup-type products. It will operate as a full-service and turnkey-partner with in-depth knowledge in machining, tooling and automation.

The Bottle-Team is also based in Micheldorf and will specialise on the injection-stretch-blow-technology. With this technology, Kiefel offers complete platforms for the production of top quality bottle-type products.

On top, the KIEFEL Packaging Division will establish a Tech-Team operating out of Sprang-Capelle. The Tech-Team will offer services independently from the applied technology. This will include assistance in the area of product-development, R&D, material-research, product analysis and simulation.

Within each Team, Kiefel combines the extensive knowledge of all experts within the Packaging Division. Customers are expected to benefit from complete solutions handled by one team of experts. Following this collective approach, all activities will operate under one single name. Therefore the companies “Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH” and “Bosch Sprang BV” have been renamed to “KIEFEL Packaging GmbH” and “KIEFEL Packaging BV” respectively.

With Erik Hodenpijl, Erwin Wabnig and Jakob v. Wolff heading the division as well as Olaf Tanner (CEO) and Manuel Dickinger (CFO) as heads of the activities in Micheldorf, a team of experienced managers will lead the Kiefel Packaging Division into the future.