Isimat becomes part of the Kurz Group


The company building of Isimat in Ellwangen (photo: Kurz)
The company building of Isimat in Ellwangen (photo: Kurz)

LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG (Fürth, Germany), a specialist for print finishing solutions, has acquired the screen printing machinery supplier Isimat, which is based in Ellwangen, Germany. Isimat develops and builds high-performance printing lines for the decoration of complexly formed glass and plastic packaging. The company will continue as an independent subsidiary of Kurz, under the continued management of Torsten Hirschnitz and with unchanged representatives for the customers.

“Isimat offers unique possibilities for the glass and cosmetics industries, with precise multi-colour print for the realisation of exclusive designs,” explains Ljubisa Drinic, head of the business area application at Kurz, and together with Dirk Bockwinkel administrative board member of Isimat. “Now, the company can also seize the comprehensive competence spectrum of Kurz. With the Kurz subsidiaries Baier for embossing systems as well as Hinderer and Mühlich for embossing tools, we are experienced in machinery and the development of complete solutions for packaging decoration. Isimat’s special engineering skills are unified with the global strength and innovative force of Kurz. This creates synergies that will result in innovative solutions for cosmetics and glass packaging.”

Kurz and Isimat have been technology partners for many years and jointly developed the patented decoration process inline foiling. By means of inline foiling, metallizations can be applied on glass and plastic containers with high speed. The process creates highly glossy metal designs, like they have been impossible with other decorative techniques so far. Kurz as specialist for decorative and functional coatings developed the foil technology for the new transfer process, Isimat the machine technology. “This success story will now be continued,” explains Drinic.