Infiana starts 2019 with innovative coating technology


Infiana further invests in its sites (photo: Infiana)
Infiana further invests in its sites (photo: Infiana)

With the commissioning of the new "Coater 6" coating system at the Infiana Group in Forchheim, Germany, an important technological gap has been closed with the possibility of double-sided solvent-based silicone coating of films. Infiana is now able to produce all possible combinations of thermosetting, solvent-containing and solvent-free silicone systems in a single step.

In addition, there is a highly efficient dryer system specially designed for thin films. "Our silicone coatings are temperature-cured and dried. The new dryer concept is characterised by high performance, but at the same time allows sensitive adjustment of the decisive production parameters. This ensures good machinability of our carrier films without reducing the degree of curing," says Stefan Herfurth, COO Infiana.

The integration of a very efficient cooling process that follows the drying process improves the quality of the finished films. With the introduction of this dryer concept, Infiana is further expanding its manufacturing expertise and its role as the market leader for silicone-coated release films. "Our customers benefit twice over. The use of this new technology will further improve the quality of our products and theirs. We will also be able to coat more efficiently with the Coater 6 and reduce usage losses at the same time," says Dr Ingrid Sebald, CCO Infiana.

With the Coater 6, Infiana offers its customers in the healthcare and pressure sensitive market new opportunities. "The technically demanding release liners for pressure-sensitive adhesives, which are particularly common in these areas, require continuous further development. Our portfolio will be significantly expanded by this system, which will enable us to respond even better to the requirements of our customers," Sebald continues.

In addition, the new film winding concept means that material and time losses during roll change can be significantly reduced. "A semi-automated roll transport system ensures that rolls are inserted and removed at Coater 6. This significantly reduces the physical strain on our employees. The rolls, some of which weigh up to 1800kg, can now be moved with motor-driven transport carriages," reports Michael Fürst, production manager Coatings & Embossing.

The coating system is part of a global investment package worth over €20M. After an extruder for the Malvern site, a roll slitting machine and the coating machine, work continued on the further expansion of the sites in 2018. Thus, a new extruder in Forchheim and a printing press in Malvern were added.