Infiana sites ready themselves for global expansion in capacity


The Infiana site in Forchheim will be further upgraded in 2017
The Infiana site in Forchheim will be further upgraded in 2017

The Infiana Group is investing some €20M in the expansion of its operations at their sites in Forchheim, Germany, and Malvern, Pennsylvania. The construction and commissioning of the two coating facilities is scheduled for the first half of 2017.

In Forchheim, the expert company for specialty films is investing in the manufacture of a state-of-the-art thermal coating system. Gernot Becker, general manager EMEA, is looking forward to the new opportunities that the new investment will provide. "This new technology will allow us to offer our customers more specialised products, which are optimally designed for their specific applications". He continues: "In thermal coating, the thickness of the film in relation to the high drying heat, by way of example, is currently a limiting factor. This new facility will allow us to significantly enlarge the process window and produce even thinner coated films in future. This is exactly the solution that the fast-growing market demands."

Vital preparations for the construction of the new printing and coating system are also in progress at the US site in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Robert Shumoski, General Manager in Malvern, describes the benefits of the new line: "Our US subsidiary will become more flexible in the future and will be able to benefit from the ability to serve a broader range of markets.” In the US, Infiana is already a market leader in the building & Cconstruction sector. The new system in Malvern will allow the company to further diversify production and its local product portfolio and to reach customers in all markets.