Infiana ranks 4th among German SMEs according to Munich Strategy Group


Dr Herbert Bader, vice president innovation at Infiana (photo: Infiana)
Dr Herbert Bader, vice president innovation at Infiana (photo: Infiana)

In 2017, the Infiana Group once again belongs to Germany’s most successful small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In an Innovation Ranking compiled by the Munich Strategy Group on behalf of finance and management magazine WirtschaftsWoche, the Forchheim-based film producer ranked fourth among 3500 businesses assessed by the Group. ”We are happy to be counted among Germany’s most innovative SMEs. It is both a confirmation of our work to date and an incentive to keep going and continue developing ourselves in all areas,” remarks Dr Herbert Bader, VP innovation at Infiana.

Since restructuring and establishing itself as an independent business following a 2015 management buyout, Infiana has placed an increased emphasis on innovation and fostering a corresponding culture. A 25-strong R&D team is permanently on the look-out for new trends and raw material types and collaborates with universities, research centers, and start-ups.

Central to Infiana’s innovation process is the customer dialogue created by the company’s globally oriented Collaborate + Innovate programme. “At Infiana, the innovation process is extremely comprehensive. Dialogue and close cooperation with our customers are a fundamental part of this, as is the intent observation and evaluation of global trends and technology developments. In this way, we can develop a perfect response to sophisticated and complex market demands,” says Peter K. Wahsner, CEO of the Infiana Group.

It was processes such as Collaborate + Innovate and the innovation culture found among its employees that ultimately landed Infiana in fourth place in the WirtschaftsWoche rankings. A total of 3500 German SMEs from all industries were examined in early 2017. Finances were analysed, revenue and profit development assessed, and customers and competitors interviewed, forming the basis for a final “Innovation Score“. After placing third in WirtschaftsWoche’s rankings two years ago, the specialty films manufacturer has now cemented its place among Germany’s most innovative SMEs.