IST METZ celebrates 40th anniversary


The company headquarters of IST METZ in Nürtingen
The company headquarters of IST METZ in Nürtingen

For more than four decades IST METZ GmbH (Nürtingen, Germany) has been producing lines for the curing of prints and coatings by means of UV light. The 40th anniversary of the company will be celebrated on 15 May during the company’s in-house event UV DAYS.

On 15 May, the management of IST METZ invites customers, exhibitors and partners to celebrate the occasion. Since its introduction in 2002, the event has expanded to become the world’s largest open house for UV and LED technology. With more than 800 visitors from all over the world and 45 renowned companies and industry partners, Nürtingen will once more become a focal point of the print industry.

At the end of the 1960s, the very good curing properties of colours and lacquers under UV light were discovered, in 1977 the current IST METZ GmbH was founded and the first UV lines for the curing of lacquers on furniture were developed. From a niche business, a worldwide company group emerged, which belongs to the leading suppliers and providers of UV systems. The products are used in printing machines, but also for the curing of coatings on automotive parts or cosmetics. In numerous other industries, which require quick production, immediate further processing and extremely high quality in terms of coatings, UV technology from IST METZ plays a major role.