GOEBEL IMS opens new Customer Innovation and Application Center in Italy



The commissioning of new machinery and mechanical equipment constitutes a resource intensive process with heavy investments and long-term commitments. Producers and converters thus need to ensure a seamless integration of their new slitting and winding machines into their machine bank and production line. GOEBEL IMS (Darmstadt, Germany), one of the global leaders in innovative slitting and winding solutions with more than 165 years of expertise, is now substantially expanding its service portfolio with the introduction of MyLab@GOEBEL IMS (Calcinate, Italy).

MyLab, the new 800m2 customer innovation and application center, takes customer service to the next level. “Our focus is not to sell machines but to support our customers during every step of the process: from the project idea, the machine outline and specification, to the development and the final implementation,” states Luca Moreschi. “With MyLab, we have created an innovation incubator that offers our customers a portfolio of services with innovative additional value. Initial feedbacks from our first MyLab customers are extremely positive and we are looking forward to a full reservation book.”

At the heart of MyLab are machine demonstrations. Producers and converters can experience extensive demand-oriented performance, endurance and versatility tests of the latest machines and equipment depending on their individual informational needs and production parameters. The machine programme that is at customer’s disposal at MyLab includes slitting and winding solutions for foil, paper, aseptic packaging, cigarette papers and alufoil. Thus, MyLab clients can not only discover solutions for their specific industries, but also the whole range of working widths.

The operated slitter rewinders at MyLab change regularly in order to cater to clients’ needs and to display the full range of GOEBEL IMS’ solutions. Among the currently exhibited slitter rewinders are the RAPID D1, a high-precision slitter rewinder for paper, board and other materials, and the XTRASLIT 2, the cutting-edge slitting and winding solution for converting film and paper. In addition, customers can experience the multi-purpose slitter rewinder for thin and delicate materials RU 1 as well as the T 2. The T 2 is claimed to offer maximum productivity and the industry’s best-price performance ratio for paper producing and converting industries.

For new fields of applications or special materials, state-of-the-art analysing tools and a large database with scientific and empirical findings are utilised in GOEBEL IMS’ MyLab to thoroughly determine material specifications and requisitions for the converting process. Subsequently, trial test runs and a pilot production of sample rolls can be effected with the analyzed materials.

At MyLab, a team of experienced engineers and technicians identifies cooperatively with the customer his individual needs and specifications. Extensive machine presentations and tests are carried out to find the most suitable machine for the application. A 360-degree customisation according to the material and production requirements is then outlined including customer-specific solutions for slitting systems, loading and unloading units, robotics, auxiliary equipment as well as electronic and mechanical components. Once the machine design is determined, machine and system tests are carried out analysing both machine performance and material output with cutting-edge tools and technology.

During the manufacturing process of the customised slitting and winding solution, GOEBEL IMS’ customers receive access to MyLab which allows non-stop monitoring of the progress in the production.

Practical trainings and seminars, around on-the-job-training, maintenance or retrofit, taking place in GOEBEL IMS’ modern meeting space, round off the MyLab services. The MyLab Academy is open to external participants, among others employees of our customers, and offers joint seminars with customers, suppliers and GOEBEL IMS representatives.