Etiket Schiller
Joint market leadership as part of the Optimum Group

12.04.2022 Etiket Schiller GmbH one of the leading label manufacturers in Germany, has been part of the Dutch Optimum Group since December 2021. With this step, the family-owned company wants to expand its product portfolio, benefit from the group's purchasing advantages and secure its location in Plüderhausen, Swabia.

The takeover of Etiket Schiller by Optimum Group ensures higher capacities and a wider range of products.
© Photo: Etiket Schiller
The takeover of Etiket Schiller by Optimum Group ensures higher capacities and a wider range of products.

The acquisition expands Optimum Group's presence in Germany and strengthens its position as a leading supplier of labels and flexible packaging solutions in Northwest Europe.

Takeover ensures higher capacities and a broader product range

Etiket Schiller's management will remain in place within the new organisation. For Susanne Daiber and her brother Gunther Schiller, both third-generation managing directors of Etiket Schiller, the advantages of this merger are obvious: "As part of an international printing group we are even better able to serve our customers. They will benefit from the higher capacity, an even wider range of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions, and even better delivery reliability," explains Gunther Schiller. Susanne Daiber adds: "An important reason for the sale was the synergies that can be exploited in a group. Our industry has changed a lot in recent years. There is a trend that, as in many industries, the big ones are getting bigger and bigger and the small ones are finding it harder and harder to survive. As a group we can make more of a difference and that will benefit our customers too."

Combination of 17 print specialists

Optimum Group also gains from the addition of Etiket Schiller, as Andre Prophitius, managing director of Optimum Group Germany, explains, "The acquisition of Etiket Schiller will strengthen our German part of the group with creative and technical capabilities that we did not have before. Etiket Schiller has a strong commercial and technical profile and an impressive customer base. We look forward to working with the directors and the local team."

The Optimum Group, which now has 17 member companies in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark, specialises in particular in the production of speciality labels, printed and unprinted self-adhesive labels, tapes, shrink sleeves, banderoles, multi-layer labels and flexible packaging. Etiket Schiller complements this portfolio perfectly. The company manufactures everything that makes up the world of labels: self-adhesive labels, stickers as well as protective films and nameplates for industry, trade and medicine. Particularly popular and in high demand are environmentally friendly labels made of innovative materials, including grass paper, stone paper, cotton paper or fully compostable films.

Environmentally friendly packaging solutions as a common focus

In order to be able to produce particularly environmentally friendly labels, Etiket Schiller has been working with renowned manufacturers of sustainable raw materials for some time now. In this way, the company is optimally equipped to meet the steadily increasing demand for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The merger with the Optimum Group is also an advantage in this respect: the group of companies is committed to the idea of sustainability and has even set up its own CSR programme, the Optimum Green Programme, which focuses on ecological, economic and social sustainability. To this end, strategic partnerships are forged with suppliers such as Bio4Life, a manufacturer of certified compostable self-adhesive materials. Bio4Life supplies certified materials to the Optimum Group. "Optimum Green means for us that we have a partner at our side who cares as much about protecting the environment as we do," says Susanne Daiber.