Equal partnership
Paul & Co and Nippon Paper Core renew their alliance


Mitsuo Takemoto and Manfred Kunert (photo: Paul & Co)
Mitsuo Takemoto and Manfred Kunert (photo: Paul & Co)

A long-term intercultural partnership requires mutual trust and the harmony of corporate values. At Paul & Co GmbH & Co. KG (Wildflecken, Germany) and Nippon Paper Core, this is not different. One is a renowned German specialist for hard paper cores, the other is the largest Japanese core manufacturer.

This strategic alliance between the two companies has long ceased to be a test balloon. It has now been in existence for 20 years. Mitsuo Takemoto, managing director of Nippon Paper Core, and Manfred Kunert, managing partner of Paul & Co, renewed it last month at a workshop in Wildflecken. With their signatures they confirm an equal partnership, with the same standards in product development and quality assurance.

"Nippon Paper Core is the ideal strategic partner for us. The customer is just as much the focus of our activities as it is for them. It is the linchpin for innovation and our drive to become better and better. Our similar core competencies and entrepreneurial values allow us to develop joint products at the highest level. All in all, this is a unique foundation for successful cooperation," emphasises Manfred Kunert. Paul & Co began its strategic partnership with the Japanese core manufacturer Nippon Paper Core, N. Shikan, back in 1998. The aim was and is to offer customers in the film industry products and services at the same high level worldwide.

The consolidation and standardisation of marketing, joint product development and quality assurance guarantees a seamless supply and ensures that customers across markets in Europe and Asia benefit equally from new products and technologies. Today, the products of both companies are sold worldwide under uniform brand names and specifications. In addition, the employees of both companies maintain a close exchange in order to improve work processes and make them even more efficient. They share their ideas and experiences in joint workshops. A model that benefits both players and their customers.