Donations instead of gifts
Marbach supports charities


People in Burkina Faso will receive €7000 from Marbach (photo: Marbach)
People in Burkina Faso will receive €7000 from Marbach (photo: Marbach)

Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG (Heilbronn, Germany) looks back on an eventful year. It is a tradition for the die-cutting and thermal tool manufacturer to donate at Christmas instead of giving presents to customers. When selecting the recipients, it is important to the Marbach management to split the money between internationally renowned and regionally respected institutions.

This year Marbach donated €7000 to Burkina Faso and also supports the frostbite protection of the Aufbaugilde Heilbronn with a donation of €3000.

The situation in Burkina Faso is deteriorating. The people who live there in the countryside are suffering from hunger. Due to the poor condition and dryness of the soil and climate fluctuations, it is difficult to cultivate food. Hunger and a lack of prospects lead young people in particular to join radical groups. Their hope is to earn so much money as mercenaries that they can feed their parents, siblings and their own families. Another alternative is to flee their homeland to another country.

Marbach’s managing director Peter Marbach: "We want to give hope to the young people in Burkina Faso and motivate them to build up a functioning economic existence. Escaping from their everyday life or their country are indeed options for the people. But certainly not good ones. A path with many dangers and great uncertainty. Isn't it preferable for every person to be able to build up a permanent foothold in their country – their homeland – and have a chance of a happy life? With our donation we want to support the people in Burkina Faso in their efforts."

The Marbach donation will finance the care of 350 families. These families receive basic agricultural equipment and seeds to cultivate 0.5 hectares of land and to be able to provide for themselves. They are accompanied and trained so that self-sufficiency is guaranteed in the long term.

This year's regional donation of €3000 will support Aufbaugilde Heilbronn gGmbH. Winter is particularly hard for homeless people. Every winter in Germany people freeze to death under bridges, on park benches, in house entrances or in seemingly safe garden sheds. Heilbronn wants to do something against this. Therefore, Aufbaugilde Heilbronn has been offering support for the homeless for many years. In the context of the initiative “safe from frostbite”, people who are excluded from the housing market, can receive assistance over the winter months. From November to March, they can take advantage of one of the 16 existing overnight accommodations. In the support centre of the Aufbaugilde, there is a free breakfast every morning, and the possibility to take a shower. This project is financed exclusively by donations.