DELO supports “fast” university projects


The TUfast team with their race car
The TUfast team with their race car

The industrial adhesives manufacturer DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH from Windach, Germany, sponsors the racing teams “TUfast Eco” and “TUfast Racing” of TU Munich, DHBW “Engineering” Stuttgart and the team “Starkstrom” of the University Augsburg. The adhesive technology of the company enables lightweight construction and faster race cars.

The respective teams of the universities use the DELO adhesives for different bonding applications within their race cars. This entails mostly carbon bondings – one of those materials that enable lightweight and efficient car designs. Moreover, the students received a bonding training during an excursion to DELO.

“Most of all, we appreciate the dedication of the students that research on these projects besides their studies and voluntarily. We must further encourage this interest in applying adhesives on an industrial level,” says Sabine Herold, managing partner at DELO. “Morever, what happens here is very interesting in regards to the growing field of e-mobility.”

Just how much lightweight construction and the focus on sustainability can pay off, learned, for example, the TUfast Eco Team. Its completely battery-run race car made the first place at the Shell Eco-Marathon with the lightest vehicle (only 26.5kg) and a range of 863km/kWh in its category. The newly-designed car eLi15 was also honoured with the Design Award.