Bimec equips cutting department of new Huhtamaki plant in Egypt


The new Huhtamaki plant in Egypt (photo: Bimec)
The new Huhtamaki plant in Egypt (photo: Bimec)

In the end of 2018, Bimec S.R.L. (Vanzaghello, Italy) was able to finalise a sales agreement with Huhtamaki, a global specialist in packaging for food and beverages. The transaction was a major cornerstone on the way towards the opening of a new plant in Egypt, which is expected to allow a greater focus on the company's exports into European and African countries.

In particular, Huhtamaki purchased slitter rewinders manufactured by Bimec, which were intended to be installed in the new plant located in the Cairo area. Bimec manufactured these machines according to Huhtamaki's strategic needs: while the machines were purchased in the standard version, they were also equipped to better meet the needs of its customers, with a focus on the machines’ flexibility and enabling possible future changes.

Thanks to the machines manufactured by Bimec, it is now in fact possible to work with runs of different sizes, from smaller to larger ones, as well as to optimise production and reduce downtime during work cycles. The collaboration between Bimec and Huhtamaki promises to be fruitful and strengthening competitiveness. Both partners aim at being better able to face present and future challenges in the flexible packaging sector.