Bandera builds extrusion line in India


The new Bandera line at AVI Global Plast
The new Bandera line at AVI Global Plast

The Indian company AVI Global Plast based in Mumbai has recently signed its first order for an extrusion line from Bandera SpA (Busto Arsizio, Italy). AVI Global Plast is one of the largest Indian producers of PET sheets and thermoformed clamshell punnets and trays for fresh produce packaging. Thanks to this line, probably one of the biggest in India, it will take AVI’s total PET capacity to 1000 tonnes per month so to become the biggest producer of high quality PET foil.

The line configuration is based on the specific needs of the customer, to optimise the production process, while also keeping an eye on future developments of the packaging market. The core of the plant is the corotating twin screw extruder (up to 1200kg/h) with its high vacuum venting device, which is state-of-the-art in order to process material without pre-treatment as PET and to grant the highest flexibility during the production process.

AVI has also invested in its second thermoforming line and new moulds. This capacity will be useful in facing the increased demand of its thermoformed products and request for packaging made with recycled materials.