BST eltromat presents web guiding and quality assurance for the requirements of the nonwoven industry


The iPQ-Check system from BST eltromat
The iPQ-Check system from BST eltromat

With its presence at index17 (April 4 - 7 in Geneva) BST eltromat International GmbH (Bielefeld, Germany) complies with the increasing demand for its solutions for ensuring production quality. The company will highlight its competence in the field of web guiding and 100% inspection at the leading specialist exhibition for the international nonwoven industry. In combination with various sensors from the wide range of sensor technology offered by BST eltromat, the web guiding solutions cover practically all technical and economic requirements for processing nonwoven materials into the end product.

Moreover the iPQ-Check to be exhibited represents the possibilities, which BST eltromat provides in the field of 100% inspection and web video inspection. The company’s product portfolio for printed nonwoven products is far more extensive – starting with register control systems to solutions for layer thickness measurement.

“Even in the fast growing markets of the emergent countries in Asia and South America many BST eltromat systems for web guiding are used in the nonwoven industry. At index17, we will meet e.g. many Chinese machine manufacturers, which are active in this market and rely on our company and our products,” explains Ingo Ellerbrock, head of product management at BST eltromat. “For these customers it is important that we have a worldwide presence with our subsidiaries – to be wherever the nonwoven market is growing the strongest. Our subsidiary in Shanghai, China produces e.g. web guiding systems on a grand scale for our Asian nonwoven clients.”