Labels as outriders in the development of the packaging sector


Federico D’Annunzio, programme manager of joint BOBST – Mouvent hybrid label presses (photo: Bobst Group)
Federico D’Annunzio, programme manager of joint BOBST – Mouvent hybrid label presses (photo: Bobst Group)

The BOBST Group (Lausanne, Switzerland) – one of the world's leading suppliers of equipment and services for packaging and label manufacturers – wants to stay one step ahead of the latest trends in the label market and other segments of the packaging market. This is possible because the company claims to listen very carefully to its customers, understand the needs of brand manufacturers and is said to be able to produce the most competitive solutions in the world.

For example, with its expanded portfolio, BOBST has pioneered the industrial use of various printing techniques – from high-quality flexo printing to fixed colour printing to digital printing – to pave the way for new applications.

Since 2013, for example, the company has supported the concept of printing with fixed colour sets and launched the REVO team's 7-colour digital flexo technology on the market in 2016. Thanks to its extensive experience and expertise, it can provide the printing industry with new processes for the benefit of branded goods and packaging manufacturers. Digital flexo technology enables both short and long run production and full colour conformity for repeat jobs with high productivity and low operating costs.

In addition, BOBST has founded Mouvent - the BOBST Group's competence centre for digital printing. The launch of Mouvent's innovative digital label printers in Europe took place at the end of 2018 and will be intensified in 2019. The portfolio includes the LB701-UV six-colour plus white mini label printer (the smallest high-productivity label printer on the market), the LB702-UV label printer (a machine for fast and easy industrial label production with uniquely high print resolution and optimised total cost of ownership) and the groundbreaking LB702-WB, which uses 100% Mouvent water-based inks and is therefore 100% VOC-free and 100% food safe.

BOBST develops technical solutions to reduce waste and energy consumption in manufacturing processes, underscoring the company's commitment to sustainability. An example of flexible materials is the development of solutions for the production of high barrier materials that are fully recyclable because they consist of a single layer.

In general, BOBST offers a broad portfolio of solutions to the label industry and flexible packaging manufacturers – from digital presses, digital flexo process and conventional UV flexo presses to printing units for different printing processes. All of these solutions enable optimum production of high-quality products and combine innovations in digitisation, automation and connectivity. By connecting all production systems, IoT solutions enable customers to monitor the performance of their equipment along the entire value chain. BOBST solutions also provide global services and comprehensive technical support. They are becoming increasingly networked, equipped with possibilities for operation and control via the Internet, with access to Internet portals as well as round-the-clock access to technical service.

As the label printing market continues to grow, BOBST aims to expand its market position by delivering innovative solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of both branded goods and packaging manufacturers.