AMUT DOLCI EXTRUSION supplies PA-PE cast-laminating line with three sections


The new line with three sections (photo: AMUT DOLCI EXTRUSION)
The new line with three sections (photo: AMUT DOLCI EXTRUSION)

The brand new line from AMUT DOLCI EXTRUSION (Novara, Italy), delivered to a European customer, will produce PA-PE film to be converted into vacuum pouches / envelopes or trays for sliced foodstuff. Food applications need multilayer films with barrier properties against gas, fats and flavourings.

The line configuration includes three sections: two with flat die (cast) – one for barrier resins (PA) and one for polyolefins (LDPE, LLDPE, yonomers) – and a centrally placed lamination section, where the two formed films are coated.

A barrier film with net width of 1800mm and PA / Primer / Pe+Pe / Pe+Pe+Pe formulation is obtained. The roll diameter is 800mm and the total output is 600-900kg/h depending on thickness. Even though the formulation of the films produced is quite simple, the line is reported to offer great performances in terms of efficiency and flexibility. The absence of the “curl problem”, the high transparency of the film and the inline edge trims recovery system to reduce waste to a minimum represent further competitive margins, especially in the production of vacuum pouches.