AMI Consulting publishes report on high performance collation shrink films


AMI Consulting (Bristol, UK), a division of Applied Market Information Ltd., has just published a new report on the collation shrink film market, analysing the latest trends in the use of these packaging films, along with developments in raw material technology, innovation and changing film formulations.

Currently, many millions of euros are lost annually as a result of goods becoming damaged in transit. This trend has been on the increase over recent years as a result of downgauging across all levels of packaging, i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary. For example significant downgauging has occurred with plastic bottles, collation shrink film and pallet stretch wrap, any or all of which can have a serious impact on the overall load stability. According to AMI, companies need to understand that it is the optimisation of the overall packaging system that is critical to the safe transport of palletised goods. Film extrusion technology and advances in raw material properties will continue to facilitate cost reduction without compromising film performance and safety criteria.

At 800 000t demand, collation shrink film represents a major segment of polyethylene packaging film activity, accounting for 10% of all polyethylene films produced in Europe. Much of the increase in usage of collation shrink film over the past few years has been masked by the down-gauging resulting from advances in polymer technology and enhancements to extrusion equipment. Even so, the market for these films is forecast to advance at a moderate pace of around 1.5% per year over the next five years to reach 850 000 tonnes by 2020.