A4Labels.com installs Daco D350S laser label sheet production line


The Daco D350S A4 laser label production line (photo: Daco Solutions)
The Daco D350S A4 laser label production line (photo: Daco Solutions)

A4Labels.com (Brighton, UK), has installed a Daco D350S sheeting line for the production of A4 laser / inkjet labels.  A4Labels.com manufactures short run, sometimes as little as 500 sheets and long run sheet labels. Initially they were purchasing their labels from a trade supplier and reselling them.  In April of 2018 they visited Daco Solutions (Beverley, UK) to discuss the viability of manufacturing the sheet labels themselves.  It quickly became apparent that to decrease lead times and develop the business further, the way forward was to manufacture themselves.

During the factory visit, Mark Laurence, Daco sales manager, discussed the various options and benefits to production output.  A specification of a machine with the Daco U350L 1m unwind module with an integral roll lift to reduce roll changes on long run jobs and the ability to add a flexo unit or a UV inkjet printer at a later date.

The order was placed in late May with a delivery time of August.  In the meantime, Daco helped with the advice in sourcing of die plates from RotoMetrics and paper prior to the machine arrival. The machine was ordered with a view to A4 Labels securing their own supply chain. Installation was efficient which meant production was up to speed within 72 hours of delivery.