New coating circulator for special applications with high viscosity, flow, pressure, speed, or temperatures

03.06.2022 TRESU (Kolding, Denmark), a leading provider of flexographic printing technology and coating solutions with 40 years of proven performance in the printing industry, now introduces a new variant of the third-generation L-series coating circulator: TRESU H5i G3 for high performance circulation in special applications.

The new TRESU H5i G3 coating circulator.
© Photo: TRESU
The new TRESU H5i G3 coating circulator.

The TRESU H5i G3 is designed for automation of coating applications with high viscosity, high flow, high pressure, high speed, or high temperatures enabling sheet-fed and web offset printers to save resources in special coating applications while exploiting high speed coating with full control and no risk of micro-foaming and blisters. With H5i G3 controlling WB, UV or e-beam coating application, operators can now save resources and exploit the full creative potential of the coating media for creative eye-catching designs and strong branding – even with high viscosity coatings and high flow.

Fully automated operations

The dual diaphragm pump circulator - one supply and one return pump - features auto adjusting and fully automated operations of coating pressure and connected tray level sensors, flow sensors, supply and waste level sensors as well as an optional anilox IR temperature measurement.

Picking up from the proven third generation Li series coating circulators, the H5i G3 features an unmatched range of opportunities in automation, connectivity as well as level- and pressure control and enables full and automated control of a range of high-quality complex coating applications.

Used in combination with a TRESU chamber doctor blade system the H5i G3 provides full control of the enclosed circulation from the bucket to the chamber, where the coating fills the cells of the anilox roller. This Control Pressure Technology system prevents any contamination of air inside the chamber and eliminates micro foaming and undesired blistering of the print.

Fast and easy guidance

TRESU's HMI with intuitive graphical user interface optimises operators’ start up times with fast and easy guidance to basic start up and operation commands and the ability to access a range of automated operation modes as well.

Comprehensive data logging with statistical insights for Industry 4.0 operations is now a real opportunity using the Ethernet connection of the H5i G3. Furthermore, the entire platform of the new circulator is 100% modular and ready to adapt to future needs and modes of operation by unlocking already built-in additional features on demand.

Henrik Kristensen, vice-president, TRESU Ancillary, comments: “The H5i G3 makes an important contribution to production efficiency and automation of advanced coating applications and is the optimal solution if you have both high viscosity and high flow volume requirements. The H5i G3 is easily retrofitted into existing coating applications as a stand-alone product or integrated inline into the latest designs of OEM coating solutions with full software integration.”