New electric hot melt jetting head

28.09.2022 Volta is Robatech's (Muri, Switzerland) new application head for precise dot and bead application at high speeds. It is said to bring stability to adhesive application and is characterised by its durability, which should significantly reduce maintenance. Volta was first introduced to the public in September 2022.

Robatech's new Volta application head.
© Photo: Robatech
Robatech's new Volta application head.

Thanks to its robust design, Volta is durable. The hot melt jetting head delivers reliable adhesive application with high application quality over the duration of 1 billion operating cycles. There are hardly any wear parts. With protection class IP55, Volta is protected against external influences such as cardboard dust or jet water. Thus, this electric application head is suitable for the harsh environments of the packaging industry as well as for the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Saving energy and adhesive

Compared to the pneumatic SX Diamond application head, the Volta electric jetting head consumes 60% less energy. Because Volta does not require compressed air. This reduces both operating and maintenance costs. Thanks to the electric drive, Volta is fast and precise – with a switching frequency of 200 Hz, it is suitable for hot melt stitching. This allows adhesive savings of up to 40 %.