Full merger with Polytype Converting

11.09.2019 In February 2017, the new Polytype Converting was created as a joint venture of Olbrich GmbH and Jagenberg AG and integrated the entire know-how of Polytype, Pagendarm and Olbrich CTH.

The Olbrich site in Hamburg (formerly Polytype Converting GmbH).
© Photo: Olbrich
The Olbrich site in Hamburg (formerly Polytype Converting GmbH).

Ownership of all shares

Following its successful market entry in the first two years, Olbrich GmbH, based in Bocholt, has now taken over the shares of Jagenberg AG and owns 100% of the shares in Polytype Converting GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) and Polytype Converting AG (Fribourg, Switzerland).

Integration into the Olbrich Group

Olbrich intends to pursue its successful growth strategy in the long term and strengthen the integration into the Olbrich Group through the complete takeover. Polytype Converting's customers benefit in particular from the technical services and production capacities within the group.