Online presentation of Triplex laminator

09.07.2020 Nordmeccanica (Piacenza, Italy) has announced its next live-streaming event to be held on 14 July. There will be two live-sessions: 9:30am (CEST) and 5:00pm (CEST).

Nordmeccanica continues its series of online streaming events for the converting industry.
© Photo: Nordmeccanica
Nordmeccanica continues its series of online streaming events for the converting industry.

Registered attendees will witness the presentation of the company’s Triplex laminator, the machine that was intended to be showcased at the postponed drupa tradeshow in Düsseldorf this spring. The model Super Combi will also be showcased.

Future at a glance

Within the new format “Nordmeccanica Events”, the episode on 14 July will be called “Future at a glance”. At drupa, the Italian machinery experts had planned to show a Triplex lamination in a single pass for the first time ever. The show intended for drupa will therefore be enacted live during the online event for customers and partners of the company.

The show includes the patented Triplex SL One Shot. The 3-ply laminator that made it possible to reliably laminate a multi-ply structure in a single pass using exclusively solventless adhesives.

Triplex and Duplex mode

The Triplex One Shot will be processing a 3-ply structure, and, in a second run, the same machine will be presented in Duplex mode featuring Dow Symbiex adhesive lamination. The technology combines innovative machine design and adhesive chemistry to perform the quickest time to market for a two-ply lamination with solvent free adhesives.

The show will be completed with a demonstration run of solvent based adhesives running on the newly developed Super Combi 5000. A further section of the event will cover the latest in terms of barrier enhancement as influenced by the machinery manufacturer and a report of the latest achievements of Nordmeccanica’s cooperation with Henkel in the BarrEnhanceTech Alliance. For the event, Nordmeccanica has invested in extremely advanced streaming technologies in order to conveniently broadcast to computers at home or work via satellite. This includes professional video and sound as a form of entertainment that will add to the experience.