Coating and laminating line from the Super Combi series for Folienprint

02.12.2019 The company Folienprint from Gallin has recently successfully put a new "Multi-Purpose Coating & Laminating Line" from Nordmeccanica's Super Combi series into production.

From left.: Darko Maurer (Folienprint), Björn Asmussen (Folienprint) and Michele Pastore (Megapak) in front of the Super Combi in the Gallin plant of Folienprint.
© Photo: Megapak
From left.: Darko Maurer (Folienprint), Björn Asmussen (Folienprint) and Michele Pastore (Megapak) in front of the Super Combi in the Gallin plant of Folienprint.

Folienprint is part of the All4Labels Global Packaging Group and has been manufacturing flexible packaging and shrink sleeves in Gallin, Germany, for more than three decades with over 130 employees in flexo and digital printing.

Pioneer in digital printing for flexible packaging

The focus is on customer-oriented solutions starting with small series or short orders up to individual large editions. Folienprint is a pioneer in digital printing for flexible packaging and wants to set new standards in the industry. At the same time, continuous investments are being made in solvent flexo printing. In addition to the printing systems, the range also includes peripherals – and thus also the printing plates. Folienprint focuses on sustainable and clean solutions such as the water plates from Toyobo, which can be used successfully in the central cylinder systems.

"With the new Super Combi, the already existing LF laminating machine Super Simplex from Nordmeccanica will be relieved, but above all urgently needed technologies will be added," explains Darko Maurer, production manager at Folienprint. This state-of-the-art machine can use various application systems via interchangeable trolleys and can therefore use solvent-free as well as aqueous and solvent-based adhesives for the laminating processes.

Equipped for drying aqueous cold seal applications

Thanks to the 6m stainless steel drying channel with two independent temperature zones, the machine is also ideally equipped for the optimum drying of aqueous cold seal applications. For efficient drying even at high production speeds, IR rays with depth effect support the evaporation in the inlet of the dryer without creating a skin on the surface of the aqueous coating.

An integrated register control system also enables high-precision or partial applications, such as matt coatings / high-gloss coatings or cold seal in the register to the pre-printed material. "In recent years, this application in particular has been increasingly in demand on the market for highly refined and sophisticated packaging," emphasises Doris Erhardt, managing director for many years. "We chose this machine, not least because Nordmeccanica has really proven its enormous reliability over decades with the existing LF laminating machine and has unparalleled expertise in the field of combined coating and laminating machines.”

After the successful commissioning of the new "Multi-Purpose" Super Combi, the Folienprint team sees itself well prepared for all imaginable inquiries and customer requests.