Renewing the Technology Center with WEKO

30.06.2021 KROENERT provides a unique service in its Technology Center in Hamburg, Germany. Its features and equipment make it one of the largest test facilities for the coating of web-shaped materials: a great variety of roll-to-roll processes for coating and lamination are available.

The KROENERT Technology Center now features new remoistening technology from WEKO.
© Photo: WEKO
The KROENERT Technology Center now features new remoistening technology from WEKO.

Customers have the opportunity to test coating and drying processes for different products and with different materials, and they can optimise all processes and parameters before investing in a new production line. Thanks to continuous internal research and development as well as cooperation with universities, institutes and key suppliers, the Technology Center is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Renewal of the remoistening

Recently the remoistening of WEKO was renewed and replaced by a WEKO-SIGMA rotor carrier to offer customers the best possible results. Paper fibres that have shrunk due to drying, lead to wavy and curled papers with an unsightly look. Targeted remoistening relaxes the paper fibres. This ensures flatness, avoids static charges, ensures high product quality, and maximises the processing speed.

Paper is a “living” product that cannot be standardised and whose behaviour can never be fully predicted in the different processing processes. After all, paper essentially consists of cellulose. When moisture is absorbed, these fibres expand by up to 25 percent in width and only insignificantly in the longitudinal direction. In the same way they contract when moisture is lost, for example due to the effects of heat.

Severe fluctuations in moisture levels

Depending on the composition and manufacture, each paper has a defined moisture level before processing, which is based on the ambient climate. However, depending on the climatic conditions in the process, this is sometimes subject to severe fluctuations. A highly effective measure to return paper to its original properties at the end of the processing process after a fixing or drying procedure is paper conditioning by remoistening. In the future, KROENERT customers will be able to fall back on the optimised technology from WEKO and benefit with better results.