H.B. Fuller
New adhesive solution, innovative service

24.09.2019 H.B. Fuller celebrates 20 years of Advantra. To highlight the anniversary of the product range for packaging applications, an innovative duo was introduced in the EIMEA region (Europe, India, Middle East and Africa).

With FullVision, H.B. Fuller has launched a new service platform.
© Photo: H.B. Fuller
With FullVision, H.B. Fuller has launched a new service platform.

These include the new Advantra SMART series and FullVision, a powerful data analysis service. The aim is to actively assist packaging manufacturers in the quality control of bondings.

Valuable innovation

For Martin Riswick, EIMEA Packaging Solutions business director at H.B. Fuller, the introduction of the two innovations is a valuable innovation for the industry, which "comes at the right time to celebrate our 20-year leadership in hot melt adhesives for the packaging industry." According to the packaging solutions expert, the new Advantra SMART series in particular "has the extraordinary potential to meet the highest food safety standards." As a result, food manufacturers are already optimally prepared today for the legal food requirements of the future.

User-friendly service platform

With FullVision, the company presents a user-friendly service platform and supports manufacturers in interpreting the data of the measuring device of the packaging production line. The technical team of H.B. Fuller advises customers on all aspects of adhesives and uses the FullVision reports to work out further improvement potential of the production lines and quality control.

For this consultation, specially developed software from H.B. Fuller is used for data analysis. Based on the interpretation of the FullVision reports, customers can develop practical measures together with H.B. Fuller to continuously improve operating performance (in-line and in-use performance) and profitability.