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Labels for freezing temperatures

29.01.2021 Packaging specialist Faller Packaging offers special labels for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry that are suitable for use at extremely low temperatures. The labels ensure that important information and its legibility on the product remain intact during storage and transport – for example, for the urgently needed COVID-19 vaccines.

Faller Packaging has developed special labels for transporting and storing vaccines and other medicines at low temperatures.
© Photo: Faller Packaging
Faller Packaging has developed special labels for transporting and storing vaccines and other medicines at low temperatures.

The global supply of the newly developed vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is currently the all-dominant topic in the pharmaceutical industry. To ensure that they reach their destination intact and effectively, the serums must be stored and transported at particularly low temperatures. The vials in which the vaccines are filled must be suitable for these extreme conditions – but so must all other packaging components, such as labels.

Temperature-resistant labels

Faller Packaging, supplier of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, therefore has special temperature-resistant labels in its portfolio. Their face material consists of a polypropylene (PP) film that can withstand temperatures from -196 to 120 degrees Celsius without any problems. The adhesive is also designed so that it can be applied at room temperature and used in extreme cold. In addition, it is tested according to DIN ISO 3826 and approved for indirect contact with food according to FDA 175.105. The labels thus adhere to glass and plastic containers as well as steel and plastic plates and can also be applied to vials with tight radii. They are suitable for standard labelling machines, but can also be applied manually.

Faller Packaging's temperature-resistant labels are therefore ideal for labelling COVID-19 vaccines and aseptic medicines, but also for numerous other applications, for example in cryogenics. Pharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from secure and durable labelling that, among other things, enables reliable batch traceability and helps to avoid application errors. Using the thermal transfer process, the labels can even be printed subsequently. The material is also highly resistant to various chemicals.

Customised packaging

Interested parties can order samples of the temperature-resistant labels online free of charge. As a full-range supplier, Faller Packaging also supports pharmaceutical manufacturers with customised multi-component packaging consisting of folding boxes, pharmaceutical labels and package inserts. These are not only cold-resistant, but also recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.