New capacities for coating additives in China

09.09.2021 The reliable availability of additives is crucial to produce coatings and paints. Evonik’s Coating Additives business line has taken another step to improve the supply situation by increasing the production capacity of several critical additives. For the first time these additives are being produced in Shanghai.

Well known slip, flow, and substrate wetting additives are being manufactured in Shanghai.
© Photo: Evonik
Well known slip, flow, and substrate wetting additives are being manufactured in Shanghai.

The additives belong to the TEGO Glide and TEGO Wet product lines. The significant capacity increase will ensure a reliable availability not only for Asian customers but for coating manufacturers around the globe.

Multi-user site in Shanghai

The additives are now being manufactured at Evonik’s multiuser site in Shanghai in addition to the already existing production facilities in Germany. “This means higher supply security for all our customers worldwide as well as reduced lead times for our Asian customers,” says Gaetano Blanda, head of the business line. “Furthermore, the capacity increase allows for a quicker reaction to changing market demands.”

Product properties and product quality remain the same as those products manufactured in Germany. This is true regarding specifications, production processes, recipes, quality control measures, and CAS numbers. The production facilities in Shanghai are already fully operational and the additives available for customers worldwide.

Slip and flow additives

The TEGO Glide series consists of slip and flow additives which improve the flow, levelling and optical appearance of the coating. Furthermore, they offer anti-cratering as well as slip and anti-blocking effects. The main application areas are architectural coatings, wood coatings, and printing inks.

The TEGO Wet series comprises substrate wetting additives that enable uniform wetting for coatings and printing inks, even on very-low-energy or contaminated surfaces. Defects in the coating surface (such as cratering and poor levelling) are minimised or improved. Typical application areas are architectural, wood, industrial, and plastic coatings.

The Coatings Additives business line continuously evaluates its product portfolio to improve supply security and supply reliability. Currently, several other additives are under evaluation to be manufactured in Shanghai as well.