Installation of line for innovative capacitor films at Peak Nano

14.01.2022 Peak Nano Films, a US-based nanotechnology leader, recently commissioned a Davis-Standard (Pawcatuck, Connecticut) cast film line for processing a breakthrough dielectric film for capacitor applications.

A film on a turret winder at Peak Nano.
© Photo: Davis-Standard
A film on a turret winder at Peak Nano.

With this new equipment, Peak Nano Films has moved into production to serve automotive, military, electrical grid, and industrial markets. This new nanolayered film represents the first major materials improvement for solid-state film capacitors in decades. Davis-Standard collaborated with Peak Nano’s team to validate the process and tailor cast film machinery based on the company’s unique product requirements.

Collaboration on new processes

“We have grown with Davis-Standard throughout this endeavour,” said Mike Hus, Peak Nano Film’s senior vice president of engineering. “Davis-Standard’s technical expertise enabled us to collaborate on new processes and define machinery features prior to purchase. We value Davis-Standard’s experience and systems-oriented approach in helping make this film a reality.”

Peak Nano Films’ modern dielectric film structure overcomes current technology challenges to provide longer capacitor life, higher temperature resistance, greater breakdown strength, and a smaller footprint for capacitor designs. This includes two to four times the energy storage and temperatures up to 150°C. As a result, capacitor producers benefit from additional design freedom and the potential for reducing systems costs for end-users.

Highly satisfying performance

According to Chris Oseredczuk, senior production engineer at Peak Nano Films, the Davis-Standard line is performing well. “We are highly satisfied with the line’s performance and Davis-Standard’s ongoing support. Their sales, technical, parts, and field service teams have provided a timely response during all phases, including initial engagement and acceptance.”

Davis-Standard’s web handling expertise and scrap reduction strategies have been pivotal in helping Peak Nano Films deliver this film and other innovative products. In addition, a custom feedscrew design built specifically to adapt to the process requirements for this dielectric film has also been advantageous.