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Sustainability as a core topic at FACHPACK

29.08.2022 The innovative solutions from Baumer hhs (Krefeld, Germany) for industrial adhesive application and the associated quality assurance offer packaging manufacturers a wide range of options for improving the eco-balances of their products and processes.

Live presentation at FachPack 2022: the newly developed Xmelt melter from Baumer hhs for the application of bio-based adhesives.
© Photo: Baumer hhs
Live presentation at FachPack 2022: the newly developed Xmelt melter from Baumer hhs for the application of bio-based adhesives.

This ranges from minimising adhesive consumption and waste to flexibility in processing adhesives made from renewable raw materials and sustainable packaging materials to increasing energy efficiency. "At this year's FachPack, we will have a strong focus on the latest opportunities that our technology and services offer for improving sustainability in packaging production. In doing so, we will demonstrate that with our technology, greater environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with the highest quality of bonding and high-performance, efficient production processes," explains Martin Kotecki, business development manager packaging at Baumer hhs.

Application of bio-based adhesives

Thus, at FachPack 2022 (27 - 29 September in Nuremberg), the company will present the application of bio-based adhesives with its electric tesla hot melt valves in a live demo at its exhibition stand in Hall 2 (Stand 2-411) under the motto "We think ahead". These energy-efficient high-end valves enable maximum precision in the application of both defined adhesive dots and adhesive beads, which is why they can be used to optimise or minimise adhesive consumption. Practical experience shows that, for example, 50% and more of the previous adhesive consumption can be saved in end-of-line applications. In addition, the tesla valves offer maximum flexibility in the processing of adhesives made from renewable raw materials. This results in the advantage for packaging manufacturers that they become more independent in procurement. "Since we develop and produce all components of our adhesive application and quality assurance systems in-house, we can flexibly adapt them as needed to the requirements that the application of bio-based adhesives and the processing of new sustainable packaging materials entail – starting with our energy-efficient melters and ending with our application valves," Kotecki emphasises the advantage for Baumer hhs customers.

In this context, the patented Coating HP-500 SB application head for sustainable paper and bag production will be a highlight at the company's stand in Nuremberg. With its snuff back hotmelt technology, it allows these materials to be replaced by paper in applications where plastics were previously used. Thus, this application head is fully in line with the trend of minimising the use of plastics in packaging production. With the snuff back technique, the nozzle closes against the flow direction of the adhesive, creating a vacuum that pulls the adhesive back into the application head. The adhesive flow is interrupted quickly and cleanly so that no residue remains at the die and the high quality of the adhesive application is guaranteed. At the same time, the Coating HP-500 SB application head is distinguished by its ease of handling and ease of maintenance. Since it can apply the hotmelt in different widths, it can be used flexibly in many machines.

New melter in the Xmelt family

In addition to the HP-500 SB, Baumer hhs brings a new melter of the Xmelt family especially for bio-based adhesives to FachPack. This has been developed to meet the processing requirements of new bio-based adhesives.

Finally, Baumer hhs will be emphasising at FachPack 2022 that consistent preventive maintenance of adhesive application and quality assurance technology can also improve the eco-balances of products and processes. In this way, the company's customer care services ensure the smooth operation and maximum availability of customers' machines. This benefits production reliability, minimising waste at the same time. Preventive maintenance on the basis of maintenance contracts also stands for plannable maintenance interventions and costs as well as minimised machine downtimes. If, in addition, service interventions are required, the technicians of Baumer hhs can today remedy a large part of technical imponderables remotely with the help of virtual reality glasses or the TeamViewer Pilot. This saves them the trip to the customer, which also benefits the environment.