oneBARRIER products unveiled at K 2022

25.10.2022 Together with its partners, BOBST (Mex, Switzerland) has revealed oneBARRIER, a family of new alternative and sustainable packaging solutions.

BOBST’s oneBARRIER Expert Coater.
© Photo: BOBST
BOBST’s oneBARRIER Expert Coater.

At K 2022 in Düsseldorf, BOBST and its partners have launched the Generation 3.0 “hero samples” of oneBARRIER PrimeCycle – a polymer-based mono-material, which is recycle-ready while retaining excellent barrier qualities, making it a potentially groundbreaking development for sustainable packaging. PrimeCycle is an EVOH-free, top-coat free solution for full PE barriers and is an alternative to metallized polyester film. The Generation 3.0 samples, which are various examples of food packaging, are reported to be another significant evolution from the 1.0 version first presented at K 2019 – they are now converted and printed on real scale equipment, assuring quality and barrier performance along every successive conversion phase.

Certification of recyclability

The reveal comes just weeks after Institute Cyclos – a respected expert in the classification, assessment and certification of recyclability of packaging – awarded BOBST an EU-wide certification of recyclability for oneBARRIER PrimeCycle, with a recyclability level of 98%. This is an exceptionally high recyclability level for a high barrier film. BOBST’s partners involved in oneBARRIER PrimeCycle include Dow, Michelman, Sun Chemical and Zermatt, who are all present during K 2022 to demonstrate their vital contributions to this exciting development.

A second major oneBARRIER breakthrough is also on show for the first time at K 2022. oneBARRIER FibreCycle is a full paper, mono-material, recycle-ready solution created together with partners Michelman and UPM, in response to increasing demand in the industry for more paper-based packaging options. Together with Finnish-based converter Huhtamaki, BOBST has revealed the first ever hero samples of converted packaging using the FibreCycle solution, representing another exciting and significant milestone for sustainable packaging.

“The oneBARRIER solutions presented at K 2022 are the real deal – sustainable, recycle-ready packaging with excellent barrier properties,” said Sara Alexander, marketing and communications ,anager, Flexible Packaging Industry, BOBST. “This success is testament to the great collaboration between all our valued partners, and we are proud to have played an integral role. Sustainable packaging has represented one of the great challenges of the modern era, and one of the most necessary. Now at BOBST, together with our partners, we are ready.”

One complete solution

Sustainability is not the only hot topic for BOBST at K 2022. BOBST also announced the launch of One complete solution – a new tailored package of end-to-end solutions to create a perfect flexible packaging workflow for converters, based on their production needs.

One complete solution is a portfolio of end-to-end workflows that connect all steps, from production file and pre-press through to the reels of printed or laminated substrates, or of high barrier functional films or paper.

BOBST is hosting an Open House event in Bielefeld, which is running concurrently to K 2022 (19-26 October), where attendees are able to see an example of One complete solution in action. “One complete solution provides everything converters need tailored to their specific needs,” said Sara Alexander. “Uniquely in our industry, BOBST has the knowledge and portfolio of solutions to create complete and seamless quality production for converters, offering end-to-end solutions for more productive flexible packaging. The workflow is more efficient, the whole process is smoother, and servicing is considerably easier. It really is the whole package.” 

BOBST Connect

An integral element of One complete solution, and also on show at K 2022, is BOBST Connect. BOBST Connect is a user-centric digital platform that links different steps of the production process through a digitalised and automated workflow. It improves efficiency, control, and data knowledge, driving quality and productivity across the value chain.

BOBST has announced that as of 1 July 2022, BOBST Connect Essential – the first subscription plan of this very powerful tool – has been made available on all BOBST machines as a standard supply. This is a unique offer within the industry.