High-performance colour measurement sensor with colour profiles

06.11.2020 ABB has added its new colour profiles to its popular High-Performance Color Measurement sensor, improving on its industry-leading technology and expanding papermakers’ ability to identify and resolve a range of potential production problems, including the close monitoring of coating profiles.

Dashboard showing the ABB High-Performance Color Measurement sensor's new colour profiles feature.
© Photo: ABB
Dashboard showing the ABB High-Performance Color Measurement sensor's new colour profiles feature.

Incorporating LED technology for superior measurements, the new colour profiles’ functionality allows for easier identification of variations in colour brightness, florescence, opacity and whiteness. This permits operators to take corrective action to resolve issues with size press operation, unevenly applied coatings or – for white top liner producers – coverage consistency.

Quick and easy upgrade path

The sensor, purposely designed for a quick and easy upgrade path from the ABB Smart Color sensor that is now in the ‘Limited’ lifecycle phase, permits faster colour and UV-colour measurements to facilitate process automation and control, together with other ABB scanning sensors. In addition, the compact, modular optics design with no moving parts reduces maintenance and lifecycle costs, improves service access and can result in lower short-term variability.

“The High-Performance Color Measurement sensor with colour profiles is a great example of our commitment to continuous product development, designed to help customers improve both their productivity and profit,” said Robert Byrne, software development manager, ABB Pulp & Paper. “With the new colour profiles capability and ABB’s unparalleled colour measurement and control expertise, this truly is cutting-edge technology with clear benefits for the entire papermaking industry.”

Existing customers can add value to their system investment by upgrading to the new colour profiles feature, and mills with ABB Ability connections can further benefit from live collaboration with ABB experts on profile data to make improvements.