German corona app – the technical background

09.06.2020 T.CON GmbH & Co. KG in Plattling, Germany, as an SAP Gold Partner, supports the German government's Corona Warning App with high-profile measures and promotes its use.

T.CON sees the German government's Corona App as a powerful tool in the fight against the pandemic.
© Photo: @geralt - pixabay.com
T.CON sees the German government's Corona App as a powerful tool in the fight against the pandemic.

Together with Deutsche Telekom, SAP is developing an app on behalf of the German government to help track infection chains in the COVID 19 pandemic.

Quick and easy warning

With the help of the Corona Warning App, contact persons of corona infected persons are to be warned quickly and easily so that chains of infection can be detected and interrupted as early as possible. The app can be used to check which group of people have been in contact with infected persons and may therefore also have been infected. The spread of the pathogen is contained by notifying all those affected, who should then go into quarantine.

"The warning app offers us as a company the chance to return to normality a little further down the line," says Karl Fuchs, CEO of T.CON. "It is important that it is widely accepted by people. The German government, SAP SE, and all other partners involved can count on our full support."

T.CON advises employees to use the app – and also asks the public to use it. In order to ensure broad use of the app, it is important to inform the public as transparently, diversely, and repeatedly as possible about its active use. T.CON is happy to make its contribution in this regard in order to demonstrate the added value of the app for society as a whole.

"We recommend that our employees use the Warn app when it is available," says Fuchs. "We will advertise the advantages of this solution to customers and partners. We ask the public to use it." In its appeals, T.CON relies on press releases, articles on its own website, and social media contributions. Data protection is a top priority for the app.

Effective tool against the pandemic

The Corona Warning App provides the public with an effective tool against the pandemic, which also attaches great importance to data protection. The software uses Bluetooth technology to detect other smartphones in the vicinity that also have the app. The devices exchange anonymously encrypted data about the duration and physical distance of their encounter. The location of the contact or personal data such as the name of the phone owner is not part of the information transmitted. An algorithm evaluates whether the time and distance would be sufficient for an infection.

If a user tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, he or she can voluntarily indicate this in the app. Once the test result is confirmed, all relevant contacts are then warned with a message on their smartphone. However, they will not know when, where or with whom they had a corresponding meeting. Data collection beyond the agreed purpose of the app is excluded.

The solution is an open source application. The source code is published in full. This approach allows the public and experts to view and verify the functionality of the app.