Neschen Coating GmbH
Expansion of the management team

11.05.2022 With Nils Honscha, the managing directors of Neschen Coating GmbH (Bückeburg, Germany), Andreas Mertens and Kai Tittgemeyer, have recently received active support in the company's management. Nils Honscha, who has already been working for Neschen for four and a half years, has been promoted to managing director as of 1 March 2022.

Nils Honscha, new managing director at Neschen.
© Photo: Neschen
Nils Honscha, new managing director at Neschen.

Honscha was already responsible for the portfolio of commodity products within the Neschen Group, among other things, as an authorised signatory. The 42-year-old native of Bremen now contributes his know-how to the areas of responsibility of product management as well as purchasing, logistics, IT, and digitalisation. An extensive field of responsibilities reflects the spirit of the times: "I am delighted to be able to complement Kai Tittgemeyer and Andreas Mertens with my knowledge and network in corporate management," says Honscha, who is also in charge of the Neschen Group's transformation process.

Company expansion and new ways in the working world

By enlarging the board, the management is responding to the increasingly extensive areas of responsibility that the company expansion, but also new ways in the working world in general, are bringing to the management: "Due to the diverse challenges of world and market events and the resulting dynamics in everyday work, we want and need to look more deeply into the specific requirements of individual business and departmental areas," Andreas Mertens summarises.