Lüraflex looks back at a successful strengthening of its distribution


From left: Arne Fischer, Armando Giovannelli, Walter Thron (photo: Lüraflex)
From left: Arne Fischer, Armando Giovannelli, Walter Thron (photo: Lüraflex)

Lüraflex GmbH (Neuss, Germany), a well-known supplier to the paper, converting and plastic film industry, has confirmed its strategic sales orientation. According to the company, the number of developments, inquiries and orders has risen steadily.

One and a half years ago, the sales department was strengthened with the graduate engineer Walter Thron.  The mechanical engineer completed his training at Jagenberg AG, then in Düsseldorf, and after completing his studies he worked in the design of paper processing machines. When Bielomatik took over the cross cutter department, he designed the latest generation of cross cutters.

Another reason for increased orders is the adaptation to the significantly higher technical demands of customers. Lüraflex found out that not only a product is purchased, but also the experience, the recommendations and the lateral thinking of the supplier are in demand. Partnerships and cooperations, which sometimes end in new roller developments, are developing more and more frequently. This new trend confirms the company's philosophy of offering not only rollers, but complete system solutions and concepts.