Focus on carbon fibre technologies

10.09.2020 Already several years ago Svecom-P.E., Italian manufacturer of expansion and winding shafts, founded the business unit Svecom-P.E. Carbon Fiber at its headquarters in Montecchio Maggiore.

Svecom has been consistently developing carbon fibre technology for many years.
© Photo: Svecom
Svecom has been consistently developing carbon fibre technology for many years.

In this business unit the company combines its more than 60 years of experience in the industry with the advantages of carbon fibre technology. As a result, Svecom can offer solutions unique in the industry, designed to maximise the mechanical performance and lightness of roll-to-roll elements.

Customised products

Svecom has always been able to manufacture customer-specific products. In cooperation with the respective customers, new solutions are created.

In the special carbon-fibre production plant, shafts and rollers of different sizes can be manufactured according to customer requirements and machined to suit their individual areas of application. Svecom-P.E. rolls made of carbon fibre are manufactured by using the two technologies commonly available on the market, filament winding and roll wrapping.

Investment in research and development

Over the years, the company has made considerable investments in the research and development of these production techniques in order to constantly improve the performance of the products in terms of thermal stability and rigidity, vibration minimisation at critical speeds, weight reduction and corrosion resistance. The range of solutions available is particularly wide, as each roll can be customised with special surface treatments.

Available dimensions on request: diameter max. 400mm / length max. 6000mm.