VIROLINE-Compac filters and disinfects the air

01.02.2021 With around 600 employees Saueressig Vreden is the main site of the internationally active Saueressig Group and offers complex prepress services under the umbrella of Matthews International GmbH. In addition to comprehensive design services in the areas of artwork, reproduction and colour management, printing and embossing tools are developed and produced here for international customers in diverse target markets.

VIROLINE-Compac in usage at SAUERESSIG.
© Photo: TEKA
VIROLINE-Compac in usage at SAUERESSIG.

Health promotion and protection are high on the agenda of the renowned company in the printing and finishing industry that is as well an expert in engineering for special machines and battery technology.

Protecting employees

"We attach great importance to implementing all necessary measures to protect our employees in the best possible way. In addition, safety training courses are held regularly, internal and external courses are offered, as well as membership in the health centre," explains Roland Tümmers, head of the technical team. "So it made sense to introduce further tailor-made measures during the Covid crisis as well." Thus, as early as September 2020, the decision was made to invest in innovative air purifiers for individual and open-plan offices as well as meeting rooms. Just a few weeks later, 10 VIROLINE Compac from TEKA could be installed in central locations in the administration building in Ottensteiner Straße. Since then, the units have mainly taken over the purification of the air in places where sufficient ventilation cannot always be guaranteed.

"The consulting was very good and the short delivery time also convinced us. Moreover we see an advantage in the fact that TEKA is a manufacturer from the region," Tümmers continues.

"For efficient air purification in the mentioned offices, we recommended relying on the VIROLINE Compac, as it separates more than 99.9 percent of all suspended particles, i.e. aerosols, viruses, bacteria and fungi, with its four-stage filter system, and is extremely quiet and, above all, ready for immediate use," recalls TEKA managing director Simon Telöken of the personal consultation on site.

And this is how VIROLINE Compac units free the room air from aerosols, bacteria and fungi: The mobile, small-format VIROLINE Compac (580 w x 580 d x 1100 h) offers an enormous extraction capacity of up to 750m³/h. The ambient air is sucked in by a fan, before being passed through a filter section and being sterilised. The heart of the unit is a four-stage filter system. First, pollen, spores and fine dust particles buzzing in the air are collected by a coarse filter and a pre-filter. Bacteria and viruses remain in the Class H14 HEPA filter (certified according to DIN EN 1822). The H14 high-performance filters separate more than 99.95 percent of all fine suspended particles larger than 0.1µm and are so effective that they are also used in hospitals and laboratories. In this way, the air is cleaned very thoroughly even of the smallest aerosols. The activated carbon filter also absorbs unpleasant odours. The purified air is led back into the room. A uniform air circulation is created which continuously guides air containing harmful substances to the device. The device is energy-saving and low-maintenance and at 45 dB (A) it is so quiet that it is hardly noticed. Thanks to rollers, the units are very mobile and can be flexibly positioned where their use makes the most sense.

Working safely

In this way, VIROLINE Compacs give a good feeling of being able to continue working safely in the premises even in times of acute infection, while complying with other hygiene regulations. The ten new air purifiers were very positively received by the staff at SAUERESSIG Vreden as permanent office equipment. "And we assume that the use of the systems will become permanently established, because people will also be more sensitive to the issue of air that is harmless to health in the future," says Mr Tümmers.