New knives for Palm

17.04.2020 Palm GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies in the European paper industry, the company is active in three business areas. On the one hand Palm produces newsprint and corrugated base paper in five paper mills, on the other hand there is the Palm Packaging division.

DIENES knives and knifeholders in action.
© Photo: DIENES
DIENES knives and knifeholders in action.

Here, corrugated board packaging is produced in 28 plants. Palm has been a DIENES customer for several years.

More precision demanded

Thanks to the good business relationship DIENES is the first contact for Palm when it comes to cutting. DIENES sales representative Dietmar Stolz was called in by Frank Seidlitz, the head of the Palm plant, because an older cutting machine showed problems with the cutting edge quality and the knives used had a very short service life. After an on-site appointment and a precise cutting analysis by Stolz, it quickly became clear that the knife holders used up to then did not offer the desired precision in the setting parameters.

Knife holder DS 8 DC with Easy Change

As a solution, Stolz presented the DS8 DC shear cut knife holder with Easy Change. Via "DC = Depth Control", the overlap depth is precisely set using the LED display. This also ensures that the same overlap depth is always maintained after the knife has been changed, even if the knives have been reground. Depth Control also ensures that all knife holders on a cutting system have exactly the same overlap depth. Clean and perfect cutting edges are the result of this procedure. "Easy Change" means that the knives can be changed without tools. This novel and patented system contributes considerably to the work and process safety in the company and reduces the set-up time to a fraction of the previous procedure, the tool-related knife change. "The fast knife change and the clean cut edges convinced us immediately", says Clemens Pflaum, machine operator at Palm paper mill.

Concrete implementation

DIENES provided Palm with a sample knife holder, the machine operators tested it extensively in production. The employees were very satisfied with the clean cut edges and the easy handling and were very much in favour of its use. Not only the Depth Control and the easy knife change were convincing, but also the 360° safety hand protection.

Seidlitz carried out a profitability calculation for the purchase and use of the new knife holder. Since the knife holder quickly pays for itself due to the considerable reduction in set-up time, the reduction in cutting dust and the clean cutting edges, the decision was made in favour of the DS 8 DC easy change knife holder.

"With the DS 8 DC easy change knife holder we have been able to increase the service life of our knives by a factor of three," emphasises Frank Seidlitz. "The cutting dust has been significantly reduced in production by using the DS8 DC easy change shear cut knife holder."