Award as top employer and top trainer

16.03.2021 Across Germany, 26 000 companies were surveyed by the German Society for Consumer Studies to determine their attractiveness for employees and trainees. DIENES Werke (Overath, Germany) achieved a score of 87% in the area of mechanical engineering, far above the industry average of 46%.

The company headquarters of DIENES in Overath, Germany.
© Photo: DIENES
The company headquarters of DIENES in Overath, Germany.

For the award, the organisation in the company as well as the application process itself were assessed; this was included in the overall rating with 40%. The transparency of the company was taken into account at 30% in the overall rating, as was the rating of the company's employees on the common rating portals.

Top trainers

In the study on attractiveness for trainees, Dienes Werke even received a top score of 90%. The evaluation was based on the aspects of process competence, transparency and employee assessment.

The management is pleased about these awards, which confirm that the company is on the right track. “For Dienes, the employees are considered to be the top priority, as it is only thanks to their know-how and innovative strength that the company proudly bears the title of "innovation leader" and "world market leader" in the industry segment,” reads a statement of the company.

The family business

DIENES is a market-leading supplier of knives, knife holders and cutting systems for industrial applications and can look back on a history of over 100 years. The company employs approx. 500 people. DIENES holds various national and international patents and is active in a wide range of industries, such as packaging, labels, adhesive tape, battery foil, nonwoven, cellulose, paper, sleeve paper, aluminium, carbon material and many more. DIENES knives and knife holders are used to cut, score or perforate a wide variety of materials.