Brandt Hülsen
New investments and appointments in 2020

07.02.2020 Brandt Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG from Oberleichtersbach, Germany, is investing in a new plant and a new inventory management system in 2020 – and there is still a need for skilled personnel.

Albert Brandt and Ilona Brandt congratulate Galiyev Ramil on his 20th anniversary.
© Photo: Brandt Hülsen
Albert Brandt and Ilona Brandt congratulate Galiyev Ramil on his 20th anniversary.

A look back at the year 2019: At the family business from the Rhön there were more highlights than lows. While turnover fell by two percent last year compared to 2018, the company hired two new employees. After a brief slump in orders in late summer, orders picked up again in the autumn. The fact that the manufacturer of mailing tubes, buckling cores and hard paper rings was again successfully audited in August for certification according to ISO 9001:2015 also contributed to the overall positive course of the year. There was a high demand for laminated cores in particular at the end of 2019. This is one of the reasons why the management intends to invest in a new line in 2020, which will be installed in the course of spring.

Only one percent customer complaint rate

For junior manager Ilona Brandt there was another piece of good news in 2019: the customer complaint rate was about one percent. Conversely, this means that customer satisfaction with the products of the Oberleichtersbach company is particularly high. "We are of course delighted with such a positive figure. It shows that we are doing a very good job and that customers appreciate our reliability and high quality in production," says Ilona Brandt. Brandt Hülsen currently has 16 permanent employees, plus ten temporary staff - and the trend is rising. At the same time, the family-owned company is looking for an additional, technically experienced full-time employee to work on the machines.

Plans for 2020

But what will happen in 2020? This much is certain: a new, modern inventory management system will be introduced in the course of the year, and preparations are already in full swing. "We also want to hire additional full-time employees and hope that the installation of the new system will be completed in the summer," says Albert Brandt.

The latest product in the portfolio, the laminated sleeves, has been available at Brandt Hülsen since October 2018, and the junior manager is also hoping for a further increase in sales figures in the course of the year. Conclusion: An investment in a new plant, the hiring of new employees and the prospect of major orders: All this gives the industrial company promising prospects for 2020.

Brief portrait

Brandt Hülsen was founded in 1981 by Albert Brandt and is a family business with 26 employees. The company is located in the industrial park of the community of Oberleichtersbach, near Bad Brückenau in the Bavarian Rhön. The industrial company produces, among other things, spirally wound hard paper cores for the film and paper industry, hard paper rings for labels and adhesive tapes, and shipping cores for packaging. In addition, the company also produces buckle-closure sleeves that are 100 percent sustainable. In addition, the company produces decorative and ornamental sleeves with matching PE or metal lids for special occasions as well as paper padded cushions to protect goods.