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Vetaphone A/S

Corona & Plasma
Fabriksvej 11
DK-6000 Kolding
+45 76 300 333
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Company description
Vetaphone is the leading supplier of corona and plasma surface treatment solutions for all applications in the web processing industry. We offer reliable, user friendly systems guaranteeing high-quality, uniform treatment of both conductive and non-conductive materials, as well as local aftermarket services delivering expert technical support and fast spare parts supply.

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Alexander Stahl
Project Sales Manager

Tel. +45 76 300 333

The beating heart of surface treatment

28.09.2020 As with so many aspects of technology, the part that is on show is always the best known and attracts the greatest attention. Surface treatment is no different in that respect, but with Vetaphone (Kolding, Denmark), it is the beating heart at the centre of the system that is reported to set the Danish pioneer’s technology apart from all of its competitors – and that heart is known as the iCorona Generator.

New sales manager for Asia Pacific

17.08.2020 Vetaphone, a leading manufacturer of Corona and Plasma surface treatment technology based in Kolding, Denmark, has appointed Holger Selenka as area sales manager for the Asia Pacific region, with a view to developing its business in this high-potential growth market.

All done by remote control

24.07.2020 The current global pandemic has had a major impact on everyone and every business. Few industrial sectors have come under greater pressure than that involved with producing packaging for the food and pharmaceutical markets, where demand has surged and placed extraordinary pressure on a supply chain that is working under very difficult conditions.

Opening of Test Lab to refine productivity and develop new products

17.07.2020 Surface treatment has come a long way in the 70 years since Verner Eisby, the founder of Vetaphone, invented and developed the technique that is now known worldwide as Corona.

Regular maintenance is key

14.05.2020 With production equipment under increased pressure to meet the higher demand for printed packaging caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more vital than ever that it is kept in top condition to ensure maximum output. This includes every link in the chain, including surface treatment, as Vetaphone’s (Kolding, Denmark) Steen Clausen explains.

Wen Chyuan brings high quality to sheet-fed lamination

20.04.2020 Established in 1972 by engineer Lin Chi-I, Wen Chyuan Machinery Company has become one of the leading manufacturers of sheet fed varnishing, laminating, and converting equipment in Asia, with strong sales in China, the Middle East, and increasingly Europe and America.

Vietnam label converter standardises its Corona stations

13.01.2020 One of Vietnam’s leading narrow web converters, Anlac Labels, has Vetaphone Corona technology fitted to its diverse range of flexo and digital presses.

Appointment of new CTO

04.11.2019 Vetaphone, the Danish pioneer and market leader in surface treatment technology, has appointed Nicolas Ahlburg as its new Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Educated at the University of Aarhus where he obtained both Bachelor and Master’s degrees, he specialised in new product development within the electro-mechanical field.
SOMA and Vetaphone

Strengthened working partnership

22.10.2019 Established in the early 1990s, SOMA manufactures a comprehensive range of machines including CI flexo presses, slitter rewinders, laminators, plate mounters and die cutters.